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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Christmas Cookies

Last night I really started the holiday season with baking cookies!!!!

I enjoyed the smell of coco and the kitchen was warm and cosy, although outside it was cold and raining.

I made coco macaroons (Kokosmakronen) and even my husband likes them very much. So I am not sure if they will last until christmas!!!


The warm days with sunshine are gone now for a long time, and normally I am very sad about this, because I like spring and summer more.
But this year I am really looking forward to a good winter season and I want to enjoy every minute of it.
So e
very afternoon when we come home from work we first enjoy our cup of Earl Grey.

And we are doing a lot of redecorating and renovating in our apartment now; I think for such work wintertime is the best time of the year. It is a lot of work, but when everything is new and nice you know that it was worth the effort. The problem is, it all takes a lot of time, and so I think when we have finished the whole apartment we will have to start in the first room again.

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