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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A few days off

Although I have got a few days off, I have been very busy the last days.
It is not the best time of the year for a vacation, but I think I need a few days in November to start the christmas preparations and to do some of the things I don`t have tine for during the year.

The garden still needs some care to be ready for winter, a few bulbs are still waiting to be buried in the soil...., but with this temperatures we have right now, one couldn`t imagine that winter is really coming soon. This morning, we have 12,5 °C, much too warm for mid-November!

The last days, I have been doing a lot of patchwork, finally. It is something I really love to do, but throughout the year I hardly find any time for it. So yesterday I finally finished sewing my first real big quilt. Nor it needs only quilting, then it is ready after two years. But thats still a lot of work to do, and I am not sure if I have got the right sewing maschine to do it myself. There is a posibility to give it away for quilting and I am now checking it is worth it or to need another two or three year til it is finished. (and then our bedroom has changed perhaps and we`d love another style???)
So here is some of my last days work:

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