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Monday, December 11, 2006

Provence Birthday Dinner

Inspired from our last holidays in the south of France, my husbands' wish for his birthday was a dinner with his best friends and their wives with typical french and provencial food.

So we decided to have baguettes as a starter with different french spreads, such as "confit d'olives", "caviar de tomates", "Crème d'anchoiade", "caviar d' aubergines", "pistou","terine à la lavande" and olives,

followed by "Aioli" -the typical provencial friday night dish with cooked fish, vegetables, potatoes, eggs and lots of sauce "aioli"

and as dessert a french chocolate cake called "Fondant très noir"

Most of the ingredients we bought in France, some during our vacation in Greoux-les-bains this october and some last weekend when we went to Strasbourg for shopping and to visit the Christmas market there.
We are in a very lucky situation, because Strasbourg is only 2 hours away from where we live. So we often take the opportunity to make a short weekend break there with good food and wines, nice alsacien landscape and the possibility for good shopping.

We were not sure if our friends, who had never been in the south of France would like this dinner as much as we do. But from the beginning on they were as much as delighted as we were and we spent a very nice evening.


Anonymous said...

That seems very delicious, Moni!

You are very lucky, 2 hours away from Alsass.


Cottage Rose said...

Hi Moni!
I'm lucky, too: Only 20 minutes away from your cookings :))
Very nice pictures, well done! Enjoy your lovely decorations.

Bye, Cottage Rose