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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Winter at the Seaside

When I was young, we always spent our holidays on the North Sea Coast, on a camping side in a small dutch village.
I loved to go there, because every summer I met my friends from Holland and Belgium who also came with their parents. I think my parents had no chance to change our holiday destination, because I always wanted to be there.

Later I came there sometimes with friends because there is a very nice beach and a lovely landscape.
But my dream throughout the years was to come back there in winter, to be on the beach when it is icy, perhaps with snow.... I had an imagination of how it could be, but never had really been at the seaside in winter.

Then, on New Years Eve 2003, my husband, knowing that this was my big wish, suggested that we should go there the next day. And so on New Years Day of 2004 we went there.

And it was better than I thought!!!
We first went to Brugge in Belgium, which is the nearest bigger town where we could find a hotel (because we had no reservation) and the next day we then drove to Nieuwvliet, where I had been so often in summer. It had been snowing the night before, and it was icecold, but sunny. I will never forget this time on the beach and since we were there, every winter I dream to go back.

I love to be at the seaside in summer, but since I was there, I know that winter is much better. The beach is so peaceful and calm.

And every year I am longing to go back - but no chance for a few days off. We should really try again next year!

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